Scoot around Georgia !


About us

Rentscooter is a company that aims to help both local and international tourists to travel across the country comfortably, quickly, and easily, unwind and see all the beautiful sights of this breathtaking country Georgia. Since traffic in the cities is a huge problem, car parking is difficult and public transport, unfortunately, does not cover the entire area, visiting the old and beautiful districts of Tbilisi and Batumi is best done with scooters through the beautiful narrow streets. The ride is always fast, comfortable, and exhilarating. In this segment, we offer our customers the most convenient and eco-friendly transport (Euro 4 standard scooters). We rent two-seater scooters with a strong engine (requires category A driver’s license); It’s best for off-roading – mainly for traveling outside the city. For urban exploration, we have small engine scooters, not exceeding 50 cc, and a maximum speed not exceeding 60 km/h. It is ideal for moving around the city and its surroundings (for example, Tbilisi-Mtskheta). Our scooters can be found everywhere, in the cities or remote villages, and mountainous areas. Our goal is to have as many happy customers as possible. We want travelers to make the most of their time in Georgia, discover the country anew with a different perspective, and enjoy the beautiful landscapes without worrying about mobility and accessibility.